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FIND Flash

An online workshop


founder of the FIND Workshops and the FIND Lab

Jon Canlas


It's for:

  • film photographers who want to get good at flash

  • hybrid wedding shooters who don’t think its possible to shoot film in the dark

  • portrait photographers who panic when natural light indoors is anything less than sunny 🌞

In no less than 10...

Yes, that's 10 photoshoot ride-alongs and 1.5 hours in the classroom, I'll show you how I approach using flash in a wide variety of situations.

Watch me destroy an umbrella, then get the throat puncher anyways.

You'll see me shoot in just about every combination imaginable of natural and artificial light with various modifiers, speedlights and strobes. After this, you’ll have no problem shooting film anywhere and whenever you want.

This course covers far more than I could in a weekend workshop, and you'll get unprecedented access into my mind as I solve problems in the real world.

The ceremony started late.

REAL LATE... Now portrait hour is well past golden hour.

Dread sinks in as you reach for your digital camera with speed light mounted on top. 

Next week during your indoor family shoot just went dark as the sun went behind clouds, ALOT of clouds.

But you’re a fucking professional right?

Learning to shoot in a wide variety of situations means you'll be able to get stunning images every time.

No excuses.


Gain the confidence you need to shoot in any situation.

 Take your film photography to the next level.

You'll learn how to meter flash accurately and use it creatively, without compromising on your ability to shoot film. No matter what light (or lack) you encounter. 

Put this thing down,

flip it AND reverse it.

Learn whenever you’d like, from any device. Unlike a live workshop you can pause, rewind and rewatch at any time.

It's self paced, with no content drips.

 Access the FIND Workshop Online Community. 

Continue to get feedback from someone who's not only seen it all but caught it all on film.

Plus I think you'll find the FIND FAM of 670+ strong, are some of the best humans you could have the chance to meet.

FIND Flash


One Time Payment

  • Course opens Jan 1st
  • Lifetime Access to Content
  • Classroom teaching
  • 10 On location photoshoots to see me solve problems in the real world
  • Private Group Access for LIFE

FIND Flash: 3 Payments


3 Easy Payments

  • Course opens Jan 1st
  • Lifetime Access to Content
  • Classroom teaching
  • 10 On location photoshoots to see me solve problems in the real world
  • Private Group Access for LIFE

What are FIND Students saying?

"I could not recommend FILM IS NOT DEAD more."

I learned things about film, exposure and latitude, but more than anything it re-enforced the fact that wedding photography doesn’t have to be about hustling and selling shit to people. Love people and they will love you back. Jonathan does. And for that I will always love him.

If you’re interested in people, film and meeting a man on a mission, I couldn’t recommend Film Is Not Dead more. It will probably change your life.

-Jonas Peterson

"I have never seen anything like it."

He will answer any question you ask. There are no secrets, no off limit questions, and only his ridiculously large generous spirit.

I have never seen anything like it.  A workshop that never ends.

-Wendy Laurel

"... a tsunami of knowledge."

It was a tsunami of knowledge that I dived in, ...once I could digest all the information, experiences and people, a world full of possibilities opened to me in Europe. Jon's mentoring made everything so obvious that I couldn't understand how I didn't realize earlier all the possibilities of film and the advantages that I have to offer. 

-Albert Roig

"I can't recommend this workshop enough."

What I learned from Jonathan was a wake up call both artistically and business wise... I can't recommend his workshop enough as a stepping stone for those wanting to follow their heart AND have a kick ass business that they can be proud of.

-Kirk Mastin